Argentine minister denies the United States donated a vaccine

Apr 7, 2021, 8: 2BUENOS AIRES, April 7 (Prensa Latina) – Argentine Health Minister, Carla Vizotti, denies news of an alleged donation of vaccines from the United States that was rejected by the government.

“We have not received much less refusal to donate vaccines,” said the head of the bag when he revealed the day before the House of Representatives about the health situation, in response to the rumors circulated in the newspapers, the portal reflected a parliamentarian.

Visotti noted that the nation-state had not received a donation of the vaccine, which was rejected to a much lesser extent. She pointed out that this is not true after she was contacted by the legislator, Claudia Nagol.

Regarding the information that was circulated, the official clarified that they did not have any offer. He said that what goes out in the media isn’t always what happens.

Exactly the day before, in a message on social networks, President Alberto Fernández mentioned this issue.

In this world, no one gives vaccines, which are the most valuable commodity at the present time. We live in a country where fake news is written on the portals and in newspapers. No one has ever offered us such a vaccine donation. The Chair stressed that I had never thought it necessary to explain something like that.

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