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This Friday, the prosecutor’s office A criminal investigation has been opened against the president To sell Minera Dominga by a company owned by his sons, the process in which he appeared in .

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National Prosecutor [Jorge Abbott]Dated today, October 8, has decided to open an ex officio criminal investigation, and to commence ex officio, a criminal investigation into the events related to what became known as the “Pandora Papers” and which ultimately relate to the sale of the Dominga Mining Company, which was linked to the family of President PineraMarta Herrera, head of anti-corruption at the Attorney General’s Office, told the press.

Pinera, one of the judges who appeared in the Pandora Papers investigation, on Monday dismissed the existence of a conflict of interest in selling the miner in 2010 (during his first term) to one of his closest friends.

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But Herrera noted that “The prosecutor made this decision considering that at that time ancestors could have personalities the offense of bribery, and the associated bribery, [y] Ultimate Tax CrimesMatters that will all be the subject of investigation in the end“.

He added that “The seriousness of the facts investigatedThe case will be handled by the regional prosecutor, Claudia Perivancic, from the Valparaíso region.

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Herrera said the penalty for bribery is five years in prison.

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According to an investigation by local media CIPER and LaBot, part of Pandora Papers of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), Minera Dominga was sold to businessman Carlos Alberto Délano, a friend of Piñera, because 152 million dollars, in a work conducted in the British Virgin Islands.

The investigation adds that the payment for the operation should have been made in three instalments, and contained a controversial clause that made the final payment subject to “No environmental protection zone has been established over the area of ​​mining operations, as environmental groups claim“.

According to the investigation, the Piñera government ended up not protecting the area where the mine was to be, so the third installment was paid.

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