Deloitte, the first of the Big Four companies to allow their UK employees to work remotely forever

Deloitte Consulting, a firm known as the Big Four (audit and advisory firms such as PwC, KPMG and EY), was the first in this group in Offer all your employees the ability to choose to work from home forever.

It should be noted that ad It adopts a permanently flexible business that has taken place in the United Kingdom. Although we called from Xataka The company in Spain declined to comment, making sure it’s an internal issue they won’t get stuck on.

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Flexible work extension

So Deloitte UK will allow its 20,000 UK employees to choose when, where and how to work. Plus, He vows to give complete freedomThe country’s chief executive, Richard Houston, asserts, “I will not announce a certain number of days that people must be in the office or at specific locations. This means that our employees can choose how often they come into the office, if they want to.”

Many companies define their own flexible work policies, and in some cases it has been established that employees must go two or three days a week to the office. This is the case, for example, of Apple, whose decision raises controversy among its employees.

Although the consulting firm asserts that it has been following a “flexible working” policy since 2014, it is aware of this The pandemic has accelerated the hybrid business modelNearly half of the UK workforce has been working from home or remotely since March last year.

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Facade of Deloitte Christchurch, New Zealand

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The company says it asked its employees about their preferences about the future of work: 81 percent of those surveyed believe they will return to work in a Deloitte office up to two days a week in the future but Most (96 percent) wanted the freedom to choose how flexible they would work.

In addition, 86% said that “collaboration with colleagues” or interaction with others were the main reasons for entering the office again.

And this is exactly how Deloitte envisions its offices of the future: a place “primarily used for collaboration, training and client meetings”. The company also ensures that it will gather the opinions of different working groups Refine this hybrid business model In the coming months and years.

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What do the other big four say

Deloitte movement It can be a turning point between large consulting firms and audits, because it is the first of these large companies to adopt a new labor policy.

In the UK, PwC announced in March that its 22,000 employees will have to go to the office two to three days a week when the pandemic is over. Meanwhile, KPMG UK employees will spend a maximum of four days in the office every two weeks, according to financial relationships.

Although we have tried to contact the rest of the Big Four in Spain to see what they think, we have not received a response at the moment.

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