CaixaBank promotes 74 initiatives that impact the well-being of its employees

As a result of its commitment and participation in the culture of well-being and health, CaixaBank has a health regulation policy and occupational safety and health, and throughout 2023 it has advanced its position as a benchmark in this matter. During the year, it was launched 74 initiatives that impacted workforce well-beingWhich represents an increase of 64% compared to the previous year. These actions They are part of the We Are Healthy programme It aims to improve psychosocial factors and promote health, safety, environment, healthy eating and physical activity.

The initiatives implemented during 2023 were mainly aimed at Improving the quality of life of employees in the entityalthough groups such as family members, customers and suppliers, in addition to the community, have also benefited from the procedures and programs developed by CaixaBank.

The chapter that focused the largest number of actions that had a positive impact on the workforce was the chapter on improving psychosocial factors, where 54 initiatives were implemented compared to 33 in the previous year; Followed by those related to health promotion (35), physical activity (35), environment (30), and food (27).

What activities do you do for employees?

In the field of emotional well-being, measures such as Face-to-face workshops on emotional management, Webinars on Emotional well-being Teaching is conducted by leadership figures. Reconciliation measuresActivities Disability awarenessPrograms Volunteer and health programs For managers, among others.

In the chapter on health promotion actions, it has been promoted ever since Influenza vaccination campaigns Monitoring vascular risk factors, Therapeutic intervention programs Women's health and well-being package including phone activation Psychological assistanceamong many other initiatives.

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In the field of physical activity, procedures such as Hire Gympass To provide all employees with access to sports centers and gyms, and to enhance care CaixaBank Runners Club Celebration in ten cities Caixa Bank Plaza 3×3The largest basketball arena amateur Outside Spain, among others.

Regarding the environment and environmental field, CaixaBank has identified business lines for Reducing carbon footprint Various awareness-raising measures have been strengthened.

Regarding food, he requested the provision of healthy menus in the dining rooms of CaixaBank buildings, various videos and tips, Recipes and action plans to promote a healthy dietamong other initiatives.

From the field Occupational Health and SafetyThe general improvement in working environment and facilities conditions was promoted, and measures were taken to adapt jobs to persons with special sensitivities.

With the aim of always being close to employees and bringing various procedures closer to the wide network of CaixaBank offices, he created the entity Network of welfare and health ambassadors in all directorates of the region This allowed the dissemination, design and development of Somos Saludables program activities according to the specificities of each region.

In short, a comprehensive and integrated health organization project is based on the culture and values ​​of CaixaBank and focuses on the well-being of the teams. The program puts people at the center and provides options for the entire workforce, no matter where they are.

CaixaBank's commitment to the well-being of its employees has recently been recognized with numerous certificates and awards.

AENOR and Audelco have audited and certified the Management Systems for Health Organizations (SIGOS) and Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001). To achieve them, the entity passed the corresponding internal and external audits in which compliance with the requirements of each reference was objectively verified.

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Thanks to this commitment, CaixaBank also excelled in 2023 in Intrama Awards for Diversity and Wellbeingbenchmark awards in the areas of Diversity, Inclusion and Corporate Wellbeing, with first prize in the Food Wellbeing category.

CaixaBank was also selected as one of the 30 best companies in Spain for implementing health and well-being in the organization and received an award Best Luxury Company Certificate for 2023. In addition, it was one of the companies recognized in the Large Companies category in the 8th edition of the magazine Mutua Global Awards for Innovation and Health.

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