Generation 2021 graduates from medical school at the University of Tampico Campus in Tampico

* From the profession of surgeon and professional involved in the fields of biomedical management, clinical analysis laboratory and physical rehabilitation

Tampico, Tam. – Fulfilling the mission of training professionals useful to society, the Tampico School of Medicine “Dr. Alberto Romo Caballero” of the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas, the Graduation Ceremony for Generation 2021, held in person at “Dr. Miguel Asomoza Arronte” of Centro Universitario Sur and remotely via social networks.

Through a video, the Rector of the University, Engineer José Andrés Suárez Fernández, congratulated graduates with the degree of Medical Surgeon and graduate professionals involved in biomedical management positions; in physical rehabilitation; and clinical analysis laboratory.

The Rector of the University expressed his appreciation to this new generation because they accepted the challenge of finishing their studies through distance training, having started their training in a face-to-face plan.

Tell them that under the circumstances of the pandemic, the University has at all times looked to take care of their safety and health, as well as all those who make up the university community.

After congratulating the parents, teachers, and principal for their efforts, the president called on medical graduates to see internships and social work as a great opportunity to grow in times of a pandemic, as it would be a great learning experience. Experienced health professionals.

For his part, the Director of the Tampico School of Medicine, Dr. Enrique Alvarez Viena, sent a message of congratulations to the young people on the occasion of the conclusion of their careers and urged them to do their best.

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In compliance with health protocols, a symbolic ceremony was held honoring national icons, followed by the delivery of certificates to graduates of physicians of surgeons and associated professional programs.

The students with the highest score in the generation also gave a message; Student Briyith Hernández Ánimas for a Bachelor’s degree in Surgeon and student Leonardo Misael Pérez Barragán as Associate Professional.

The dean, Dr. Romulo Almraz Aguirre, was the godfather of the undergraduate generation, who read the Hippocratic Oath, which enshrines the basic principles of the practice of medicine and includes the ethical obligations of physicians, with a view to guiding them in their careers. work.

For her part, the godmother congratulated the QFB affiliated professional generation, Alma Delia Robles Martinez, the graduates, and wished them all success in their personal and professional lives.

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