A Spanish woman complains about what they do in the UK with Christmas cakes

Tik Tok user @carmeninuk, a Spanish woman living in the UK, He told what always happens to him every time he celebrates his son's birthday and invites his little friends.

“Look, I'm trying to celebrate it the Spanish way, but it's impossible.”begins the Spanish content creator, who has nearly one and a half million followers on her profile on this social network.

That's when he starts telling what they do at the birthday party: “The little ones arrive, play and stay until after dinner. They were there from 3:30pm to 6:30pm, and had dinner around 5pm.”

Carmen points out that they gave her cake and then she started singing happy birthday until they started eating the cake. “But there is no way we can all eat cake together,” he explains.

“Everyone asks to take it with me, I put it on napkins and put it on tracing paper and in a bag. Someone tells me to prepare it for me to drink at home with tea.“, Confirms.

Finally, they end up saying that they don't take it together and that they take it home to their husband or little sister, etc. “You should put several pieces in it, and sing happy birthday to her And they get the cake and don't continue the party,” he confirms, concluding by saying that they generally bring the birthday boy a card with a ticket.

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