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| 10/04/2021 – 10: 55h.

The Spanish Association of Students of Economic and Business Sciences (AEALCEE) unanimously approved the nomination of Burgos as a national candidate to host the first conference of the Spanish and Latin American Student Network of Economics and Business (RELAEE).

The decision to nominate Burgos as a national candidate to be a face-to-face host was approved on March 28 at the last plenary session of AEALCEE, the highest representative body for university students in the branch of economics, with UBU student Robin Munnar serving as vice president.

Over the past five months, the association has embarked on an unprecedented internationalization project in student representation of the economy.

The aim of this project is to create a Spanish and Latin American network of economics and business students, and it is a discussion forum where future economists have the opportunity to hear other ways of seeing economic policies and systems and understanding business from other cultural perspectives.

Robin Munnar, a student at the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences at the University of Burgos and vice president of AEALCEE, points out: “Working with Latin American associations on projects like #dialogosRELAEE, we saw that bringing together experts from different countries and cultures generates great added value for attendees.”

“An international academic event with these characteristics enables us, with great strength, to bring thousands of students together and provide a high-quality training offer,” says Munnar, who is also president of the Student Council at the University of Burgos. Support of other colleagues and CAUBU members, in addition to what was expressed by the Rectorate and Dean of the School of Business Economics.

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The initiative, initially consisting of associations equivalent to AEALCEE with up to 39 years of history, from Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Venezuela and Spain, intends, through a mixed event, at the beginning of September this year to establish and establish a network with delegations from each country personally, in addition to To broadcast high-quality lectures to all Latin American and Spanish students.

Choosing Burgos as an event venue with these characteristics will focus the city on a year no less important than the cathedral’s eighth centenary and appreciate its potential as a destination for conference tourism, the cradle of Castile and its past in depth. Linked to America, without forgetting the positive economic impact of such a difficult year. “In addition, for us, achieving this nomination is a personal challenge in which we put all our efforts,” says Robin Munnar.

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