ABTA describes UK aid as “illogical”

The British Association of Travel Agencies (ABTA) is disappointed with the assistance provided by the UK government, bearing in mind that it has not been taken into account that the situation in tourism is very different from the situation in other sectors. This aid package is divided into categories, and travel agencies are in the first category, which means that They are eligible for grants of up to 7000 EUR depending on their taxable values.

The rest of the companies can receive grants of up to 20,000 euros

“It seems illogical that the financial aid will go to companies that will not only open their doors from next week, but it is likely that the demand for it will be high from the beginning, while travel companies that will continue to have significant restrictions in their activity offer lower levels of support”, regrets the Director of Affairs ABTA Public, Luke Petherbridge. Therefore, he guarantees that “We will continue to exert strong pressure to provide tailored assistance to all companies in the tourism sector.”

More ambitious aid to other sectors

In this sense, agencies consider this amount to be completely insufficient, bearing in mind that although agencies can open from Monday, April 12, they will not have income for at least several weeks. However, The rest of the companies can receive grants of up to 20,000 eurosDespite the fact that they will be able to receive clients and generate new income from next Monday April 12th, which has filled ABTA and its partners with “frustration and anger”.

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