Brazil raises $ 600 million through infrastructure privatization – Prensa Latina

Compañía de Participaciones en Concesiones (CCR) won the right to acquire more than 15 stations available in the Southern and Central regions on Wednesday.

Located in the northern region, French airports will be controlled by Vinci, which has not seen its initial bid of 420 million riyals (about $ 75 million) surpassed by competitors.

In fact, the bidding followed the agenda of the government of President Jair Bolsonaro, who intends to contract during his tenure 260 billion riyals (about $ 4.6 billion) in investments for 35 years, including auctions, leases and renewals. .

For the second time, Bolsonaro management sold airports at auction because in March 2019 it sold 12 more companies to private companies and raised $ 420 million.

Analysts assert that the unrest in Brazil is directly related to the 1989 Washington Consensus.

This event presented a series of economic recommendations that served as a tool for international pressure to embrace neoliberalism.

Political commentators warn that privatization, combined with a failure to improve efficiency, threatens sovereignty and the capacity for national development.

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