Queen Elizabeth in mourning: These are the preparations for Prince Philip’s funeral

United kingdom -. The Queen Isabel II She takes a break from her royal duties to mourn her husband’s death, Prince Philip. After news of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen is expected to enter an eight-day period of mourning, according to various sources. During this period, all royal duties, as well as state affairs, will be rescheduled.

After the eight days, the UK is expected to enter a 10-day mourning period, and the Royal House will mourn for 30 days. The Sun newspaper reported that MPs will wear black armbands during the mourning period. Additionally, the outlet has also indicated that newscasters will be dressed in black while reporting, and some comedy shows will be suspended. More dark music will also be played on local stations during this period.

The College of Weapons, the body that helps organize state ceremonies, indicated on its website that all official flags will be raised at half mast the day after the funeral. The only exception would be the Royal Standard, which will continue to fly into Windsor Castle, where the Queen resides. As for when Felipe will be buried, the college has indicated that he will not have a state funeral.

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Desires of the Prince

Instead, the remains of the Duke of Edinburgh will lie in Windsor Castle before the funeral at St George’s Chapel. The college said the decision was in line with custom and Felipe’s wishes. It was also noted that funeral arrangements have been revised due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The audience was asked not to attend or participate in any of the funeral events.

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The Buckingham Palace He noted that while asking people not to meet in royal residences at this time, they have created an online condolence book for those who want to leave a message. The palace also shared their wish by asking people to make charitable donations in place of flowers. The palace will announce more details about Philip’s funeral in the coming days.

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