Brad Pitt’s new defeat in his legal battle with Angelina Jolie

Controversial who has maintained for years that which was One of the most famous marriages on the planet far from finished. The latest development in the case is that the California Supreme Court rejected the appeal Brad Pitt in that A long custody battle Of the children he shares with them Angelina Jolie. This confirms the previous sentence which will probably force them to sue again.

According to US media reports, the court issued its decision without any explanation other than “rejecting the request for review and request for comment.” Julie, who was in London this week with five of his sons To attend the UK premiere of His last movie “Eternals”His legal team expressed his approval of this decision.

Angelina Jolie takes another step in the legal battle to gain custody of her children. (Reuters)

Ms. Julie focuses on her family and You are glad that the well-being of your children is not guided by unethical behaviorRead the statement. As the California Courts of Appeals have strengthened, our judiciary prioritizes the morals and best interests of children, and You will not tolerate judicial misconduct To reward the interests of the party.”

For its part, the spokesperson Brad Pitt It also issued a statement saying that the California Supreme Court’s decision not to review a “technical procedural matter” does not change the “extraordinary amount of factual evidence that prompted the trial judge – and the many experts who testified – to reach it.” Clear conclusion about what is best for childrenHe added: “We will continue to do whatever is legally necessary Based on the detailed findings of independent experts.

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Brad Pitt, defeated again in court. (GT)

This court decision means that the Supreme Court will not review the decision that awarded Jolie a big win disqualification of special judge that the couple hired Managing your divorce and her most contentious dispute over custody of her six children, five of whom are still minors.

Pete’s legal team has resisted Ensure that the decision not to hear the representative’s appeal can be dismantled State Network of California Special Judges, which would affect tens of thousands of legal cases in the state, including non-celebrity divorced spouses and their children, and would impede the functioning of an already collapsed court system.

The actress in a meeting with Elizabeth II. (GT)

In civil matters such as divorce or custody cases, which preferably take place behind closed doors, The California court system relies on special judges paid by litigants, under the supervision of the judiciary, to read the memoranda, Holding trials and issuing judgments.

embodied in California Constitution For decades, this system has been aimed at Provides faster (and more private) resolution In legal cases of people willing to pay, judges and the state’s formal judicial system are left more accessible to criminal cases and to citizens who have fewer resources.

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