Big winners of a South American tournament

Sebastian Bayes deservedly deserved the trophy, but was not the only one of the winners Dove Men + Challenger Conception. “I didn’t know the city, but the people here were so wonderful. It’s not easy to feel at ease in a country that is not yours.” The 20-year-old tennis player said, “It’s been unbelievable to experience such a tournament in the midst of the entire pandemic, so I’m grateful. This opportunity and we must continue to take advantage of it. ” That did not generate divided opinions: It was a resounding success.

South America seal

It goes beyond Biobío. Tennis players unanimously appreciated this tournament. “Italy holds tournaments almost every week and this is reflected in the standings today, with a large number of young people.” Federico Correa, ranked No. 1 in the tournament and ranked 93 in the ATP, said that the more tournaments, the more important it was for the players, adding that “There are many tournaments in the United States and Europe, so Horacio’s work is not only helping us but he will serve the Argentines, but rather (Thomas) Barrios and (Alejandro) Tabello. Let’s hope the Europeans don’t bother themselves and that the men here get as many points as possible. “

What does Alejandro Tabello think about that? The Chilean tennis player scored his best professional victory in the Challenger penquistaWhich happened just before Korea. The 23-year-old commented, “In Chilean tennis These tournaments are good for him and overall it is a great opportunity for everyone, especially boys who are just starting out in the field, and others who can give them a wild card and have a chance to play. There is little Challenger In Chile and I liked it very much, because they put their energy and dedication into it and the work was very organized. “

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The champion, Bayes, was without a doubt one of the most prolific in terms of his points and elevated positions. He started the championship at 312 and today appears 256. We are the South Americans the farthest. We are not European or American, so these tournaments can be organized in the way the world is in, it’s unbelievable. I congratulate and appreciate this opportunity to him Tennis “It’s like yelling, let’s go,” he said.

Pure pride

And why weren’t tennis players the only tournament winners? From the headquarters of the tournament, the Bellavista Country Club, through the Ministry of Health and the entire organization that surrounded the event, there are only smiles. “From day one, a plan had to be drawn up and everyone in this organization committed. Everything worked, there were no complications with anyone. I am happy and grateful,” said Horacio de la Peña.

“Bulga”, the tournament director, did not miss the details, participated in the TV broadcast and was informed of everything that happened at the place. “The Tennis In South America it is of the highest levels and the boys did not have any chances. Initiatives like these and those to come, help many children, families, professionals, coaches and parents who will be able to give their children a better future. ”

Finally, Marco Loyola, seremi del Deporte del Biobío, affirmed, “We have been able to devise a unique strategy in Chile to be able to unlock Tennis In times of pandemic. It was an amazing, amazing tournament. we hope that Imagine It became a standard in Challenger National and international. “

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