28 ex-MPs from the Venezuelan right are disabled – Prensa Latina

The measure will go into effect on Wednesday, after being approved by the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR), according to the highest representative of Elvis Amoroso.

Amoroso stressed that “all officials are obligated to testify before the Central Criminal Court, so that the people and the Venezuelan state are aware of the heritage of government officials, as an ethical tool.”

The President of the Republican Ethics Council also stated that the highest oversight body will initiate investigations into administrative offenses against public assets, impose measures, impose objections, and apply the penalties stipulated by law.

He indicated that about a month ago he went to the new AN to make a call and urged all departing and arriving deputies from AN, to submit a written statement of the assets, and unfortunately, he said he regretted finding a group of parliamentarians who refused to make their statement.

The Observer General indicated that he hopes that the European Union and other countries in the world will not come out to defend these representatives from the extreme right associated with corruption.

“We aspire to continue to comply with what is stipulated in the law, and next week we will inform the Venezuelan people again of the investigations conducted by the CGR,” he said.

Among the convicts are former president of the association Juan Guaidó and others involved in various corruption cases, such as Julio Borges and Freddie Guevara.

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