Hayu, the “reality” platform, arrives in Spain. How much What to offer

Netflix, HBO, Movistar +, Filmin, Apple +, Disney + … and now Hayu. The NBCUniversal International reality TV platform is now available in Spain And in ten other European countries. The company decided to continue its expansion after the success it achieved in other markets such as Germany or Austria, where it is available through Amazon Prime Video.

With a direct to consumer platform, accessible from all kinds of devices such as mobile phone, tablet, television and web, the Hayu display can henceforth be seen on Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech RepublicAnd also in Germany and Austria through their own service. It will be five years since the platform was first launched in the UK, Ireland and Australia in March 2016.

Currently, all content on the platform is only available in English

Hayu offers over 8,000 episodes of the most unique ‘reality shows’ of the dayIt locks the platform in a note. Other productions include all of the seasons of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” (“The Kardashians”), from the first seasons to the last season, as well as sub-shows, and many other series such as The Real Housewives (“The Rich Women”), “Under Deck.” (“Basement”), “Million Dollar List” (“I’m selling you your mansion”), “Top Chef”, “Face Off”, “The Scape Club”, “Best Ink ‘… if you are looking for formats Others like ‘Big Brother’ (‘GH’) or ‘Survivor’ (‘Survivors’) don’t be surprised among the tons of titles because you won’t find them.

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Kardashian promotional photo. (Hayo)

The wide variety offered by the Hayu platform is unique and promises to meet the needs of any fan of the genre. The service features a variety of English subtypes, including home, design, dating, cooking, crime, and fashion.. Plus, subscribers won’t have to worry about spoilers, given that the vast majority of US reality shows are available on Hayu the same day they air in the US.

“Under cover” is a format for the platform. (Hayo)

“As Hayu prepares to celebrate its fifth anniversary, we are delighted to launch the platform in Spain and ten other European countries, to expand the service to a total of 27 countries around the world,” said Hendrick McDermott, Hayu CEO. As the premier platform for reality television worldwide, This international expansion helps us reach our goal and provide the best ‘reality TV’ for all fans of this genre“.

Currently all content on the platform is only available in English, and at the moment, there is no news that the content will be dubbed. “We are working hard to improve the service in a number of ways,” the platform’s website says in this regard. It is also not known whether supply will be boosted in the medium term by some kind of domestic production., Since all Hayu formats are produced by NBCUniversal.

Lovers of this genre Subscription is possible for 4.99 € per month, with a one-week free trial period. Hayu was launched in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia in March 2016, followed by Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark in November 2017. In September 2018 it arrived in Canada, followed by Belgium, the Netherlands and Brussels in December 2018, and then in Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore in October 2019. In November 2020, Hayu arrived in Germany and Austria as a channel available on Amazon Prime Video.

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