Biden admits he’s ‘in a tough moment’ amid growing concerns about his ability to run for president

HAVANA – US President Joe Biden and his leadership team on Wednesday accepted a “devastating” ultimatum from across the Democratic Party: quickly demonstrate his fitness for office or face a major effort to force him out of the running, according to reports. Washington Post.

Growing concern among key party donors and strategists, including some of his own advisers, has prompted the president to acknowledge to allies in recent days that he is having a “tough time,” two people familiar with the matter told the newspaper. You have to show voters you’re ready for the job.

After taking six days to directly address his poor debate performance against Republican Donald Trump, Biden has begun calling top congressional leaders, scheduling interviews and campaign events over the coming weekend that “will be the subject of extensive scrutiny.”

But it’s not as easy as it sounds, with top Democratic strategists stressing that even a “flawless” performance over the next week cannot save Biden “if major cracks appear” in public and domestic polls.

Many of Biden’s longtime allies described continued frustration with the policy response, especially after the debate, and a growing conviction that change is needed. Even those who still maintain that the president is still the better candidate acknowledged that they have lost their support in recent days.

Biden and his vice president, Kamala Harris, had previously confirmed, during a conference with all campaign workers, that the president would not abandon the electoral race, despite their acknowledgment of the difficulties his campaign is facing.

“I’m running. I’m the Democratic Party’s candidate. Nobody’s throwing me out. I’m not leaving,” he said.

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