Beyond appears once again with a stunning trailer that anticipates its release year

The long-awaited game from Retro Studios will arrive on Nintendo Switch next year

Metroid Prime 4 will arrive in 2025

The biggest surprise of the June 2024 Nintendo Direct was saved for last, as the Big N ended the live stream in style with a resurrection Metroid 4 Primea title that was announced at E3 2017 and will not be shown again until today with a short trailer after being redeveloped at the beginning of 2019.

Now name Metroid 4 Prime: Beyond, a game that will save Samus Aran as the protagonist, while Sylux will return as an enemy in a story that will feature living Metroids. Since development restarted, all information about the status of the game, which has been in development all these years since, has been released Retro Studios.

Fortunately, the two-minute trailer shows off what the game looks like, both in terms of its cinematics and gameplay. However, no further details have been provided about what to expect from his story, although it will be in Year 2025 When this highly anticipated installment is released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Direct is full of ads

First of all, Mario & Luigi: Brotherly Connection was announced, an unexpected title that will take the two brothers to travel around the world to face new challenges with a different graphic style. For his part, the Final Fantasy creator will be bringing Fantasian Neo Dimension to the hybrid console. Likewise, Donkey Kong Country Returns HD will move to the hybrid console after premiering on Wii and later moving to 3DS, from which it will now save its then-introduced new levels.

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Super Mario Party Jamboree was one of the new games announced, and in its case, it’s the biggest Mario Party game to date: more than 110 minigames and seven gamepads (five new and two salvaged from the first two games in the saga). Another surprise will be The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, which will be the first adventure starring Princess Zelda after Link’s disappearance. finally, Metroid 4 Prime: Beyond The live stream has been closed.

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