Medical graduates: competition and migration

A medical degree is one of the most demanding degrees in Nayarit. According to Nayarit Autonomous University School Monitoring Management System data, about 150 students graduate from this degree every year. This generates an abundance of specialists in this field, and thus great competition in the field of work.

“The demand from those who graduate from the academic unit of medicine, because there is so much scope, the institutions are opening up different processes both IMSS and the Ministry of Health have this openness and we have even seen invitations where through the platforms they are giving the possibility to enter different areas.” Hiram Espinoza Hernandez, Professor, UAN Medicine Unit

Although new hospitals have been established in Nayarit, such as the Women’s Hospital, and many clinics in the southern part of the state, providing opportunities for young graduates to join public health institutions, many of them prefer to migrate to other places in search of the best. Income and opportunities.

“I think that if there was, but I would consider it mainly me and my colleagues, I would not look here, otherwise I would like to look in other cities. Even though there are opportunities here, I don’t think they are enough for all the medical students who graduate year after year.” Jose Antonio Gonzalez, medical student

The high demand for a medical degree and the increase in the number of graduates has led to a lack of sufficient job opportunities, forcing many to look for alternatives outside the country. It is important to implement policies that balance supply and demand in the health sector to benefit from national talent and improve the health system.

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