Betway Sportsbook-History of the bookmaker

Many years after the first generation of bookmakers have struggled to establish a working industry for gambling, countless bookmakers have popped up since then, and many of them have gone back to oblivion. Only a few have been able to stand the test of time, and Betway is one of such. Betway snuck into the gambling scene in an almost stealth mode, but when they finally announced their arrival, it was in grand style. Betway sign up bonus was one of the biggest back then, and it is still almost as enticing to date. The signup offer, among other things, is the reason why Betway thrives above other bookmakers.

Betway has a large span and claws in every sector of the gambling industry. The official company, The Betway Group, has products in the whole gambling scope, ranging from the casino, sportsbook, poker, bingo, online casino, and even Vegas. Regardless of the type of gambling that catches your fancy, Betway has got you.

Rosehall Global is the parent company that owns The Betway Group, whose headquarters are in Malta and Guernsey. However, they have branches in London where they oversee the runnings of their affairs in England. They also hold licenses in 11 other countries, including South Africa, even though their elementary focus is mainly the European market. Betway has created a tangible presence in European countries like Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Betway’s reliability and credibility are no longer in doubt, as it has been licensed and vetted by a couple of the most reputable licensing companies and associations across Europe and beyond. Such agencies include eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation And Assurance (eCOGRA), the Independent Betting Adjudication Service, the Remote Gambling Association, and the prestigious European Sports Security Association.

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There is no way a betting company will be of questionable character and be a member of the above associations. These associations always ensure they do a thorough background check and investigation before allowing a betting company to join them.

Another secret strategy that has kept Betway afloat in a river that has drowned a lot of other bookmakers is that the company knows how to strategically position itself in circumstances where it can be in the good books of people and, at the same time, they support the products that benefit them. Over the years, Betway has sponsored various sporting events, such as boxing, horse racing, tennis, eSports, etc.

They have also supported popular football teams like West Ham United Fc in the English Premier League, Leganes in the Spanish La Liga, and AS Roma in the Italian Serie A. Subconsciously, the name and logo of the company have registered in the minds of millions of people, which explains why the company has retained its successful position.

Significant Events In The History Of Betway

  1. A Gloomy Beginning: After being established in 2006, Betway tried to infiltrate the European gambling market despite having its base at Gzira, Malta. Slowly, many people started giving them a chance, but this would not last long, as there was soon to be a brawl between the company and its new customers, who all complained about the over-complicated terms and conditions that came with Betway’s sign up bonus that made it extremely difficult for players to win virtually.

Betway almost immediately began to clear the air and stated that it wasn’t an intentional act. They backed up their claim with actions by doing a general overhaul of staff and changing the policy for the signup bonus. That is how Betway came about, having one of the best signup offers.

  1. The Big Fine: After the incident with the signup bonus, Betway managed to keep a clean bill of record for over a decade. There was no major controversy or significant complaints about the company and its affairs. However, this successful run of a good streak ended abruptly in 2020 when Betway was found guilty of neglecting customers’ protection and money laundering checks.
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Many people clamored for the commission to suspend Betway’s gambling license when this happened, but their decade run of good behavior earned them a benefit of the doubt.

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