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Zoe Kravitz Remarkably starred in the movie “Batman‘, which was only released for a few days, and it wasn’t for the least because her great acting talent fits perfectly in the catwoman she played and that wasn’t a good fit for her at all, considering that multifaceted character certainly couldn’t predict it.

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Although he is now succeeding thanks to the latest DC movies, in the past he has tried to make his big dreams come true when he was part of the cinematic world of Spider Manalthough it seems like it was all just expectations because it’s not a job many of her remember.

That’s why we will remember the occasion that the daughter of the actor and musician participated in Lenny Kravitztry his luck with the Marvel character, the production company’s competition in which he has received endless positive reviews for his good work.

Zöe Kravitz brought Catwoman back to life in The Batman (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Who played Zoe Kravitz in the world of Spider-Man?

Actress Zoe Kravitz, 33, co-stars in the animated movie “Spider-Man: A New World,” lending her voice to the classic character of Mary Jane, Peter Parker’s partner.

The film was a notable box office success and many positive and negative reviews, but for Kravitz, it would have meant the luxury of being involved in both Marvel and DC productions despite the fact that the two companies are direct competitors.

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Zoe Kravitz voices Mary Jane "Spider-Man: A New World" (Photo: Sony)
Zoe Kravitz has lent her voice to the character of Mary Jane in “Spider-Man: A New World” (Image: Sony)

Will you participate in the Spider-Man Saga again?

Because the group was positive inSpider-Man: A New WorldIt has been confirmed that there will be two more films for the same movie, the first of which is scheduled for release in 2023.

At the moment, it is not known if Zoë Kravitz will again lend her voice to the character she played, but it may not be after her participation in “The Batman”.

Finally, speculation may be present, but everything will depend on the production of the tape.

Will Batman get a sequel?

Until now, Warner Bros. The second “Dark Knight” movie hasn’t been confirmed, but apparently at the end of the first installment, in the mid-credits scene and in the bonus clip at the end of the credits, the way is ready to continue the Batman story.

In fact, at the film’s UK premiere, director Matt Reeves spoke On his future plans, and while he has remained modest about the film’s reception, he admitted it’s hard not to see it as the beginning of a cinematic universe, especially given the plethora of spin-offs already greenlit. .

You don’t do number one as if there were going to be number two. You have to do number one like you’re fighting for fences and it has to be a story that stands and lives on its own. But I really believe in what we’ve done and I’ll be excited to tell more stories… We’re already telling other stories in the streaming space, doing stuff on HBO Max, doing The Penguin Show with Colin (Farrel), which would be cool and we’re also working on other stuff, but we’re starting Talk about another movie.More details here,” he said.

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