Baikal has received 232 PhD scholarships in various disciplines since 2015

Asunción, IP Agency.- The National Graduate Scholarship Program Abroad “Don Carlos Antonio López” (Bikal), between 2015 and 2021, awarded PhD scholarships to 232 young people to carry out various specializations in the best universities in the world.

About 46 medical sciences scholarships were awarded, including doctorates in basic medicine, clinical medicine, health sciences, and medical biotechnology.

For PhD in the fields of social sciences, 46 scholarships were awarded for study in Psychology and Cognitive Science, Economics and Business, Sociology, Law, Political Science, Socio-economic Geography, and Media and Communication.

Likewise, 38 scholarships were awarded in the field of exact and natural sciences, which include PhD degrees in mathematics, computer and information sciences, physical sciences, chemical sciences, earth and related environmental sciences, and biological sciences.

Another 34 people have studied doctorates in the field of agricultural sciences, which include doctoral degrees in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, animal and dairy sciences, veterinary sciences, and agricultural biotechnology. Also, 34 people studied for a PhD in Education.

In the field of engineering and technology, Becal has received 28 PhD scholarships in civil engineering, other engineering and technology, electrical and electronic engineering, information engineering, mechanical engineering, and environmental engineering.

In the field of humanities, 6 PhD scholarships in Languages ​​and Letters have been awarded. philosophy, ethics and religion; Arts (arts, art history, performing arts, music).

Of the total doctoral scholarships, 105 went to universities in Spain; 24 to France, 23 to the United States; 20 to Brazil; 19 awards have been awarded to the United Kingdom; 13 to study in Argentina; 8 in Germany; 4 in Chile; 3 in Australia and 2 in Belgium; 2 in Canada; 2 in Switzerland; The rest are in the Netherlands, Mexico, Portugal, France, Italy, Japan and Finland.

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Most of the professionals with a PhD come from the central department of the country, as well as from Asuncion, but also from different regions of the interior of the country.

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