AXA IM: “Each new wave had less impact on the economy than the previous one”

By Jill Muek, Chief Economist, AXA Investment Managers Group

In most other European countries and the United States, the number of infections is rising. accelerate In most cases, the vaccination rate of the population is lower than in the UK, which means More pressure about their future health systems. However, in most advanced economies, each new wave had less impact on economic activity than the previous one.

Allow the activities that occur in it to continue Contact among people for those who have been fully vaccinated would end the need to continue implementing restrictions in service industries, which have been affected Due to the epidemic, causing one of the main sources of economic damage.

The emergence of Covid concerns in the West should be reminder Vaccination rates in many countries are still too low to seriously challenge another wave. this is will negatively affect To normalize the world economy, and thus global trade.

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