The Crown and Bridgerton face the filming location. The motives…

And what’s the problem? Well, both Bridgerton and The Crown They use very similar locations in their production, for example, the most representative castles and palaces in the UK. These places are used to make the most famous and realistic scenes that their audience will be fascinated with.

This standoff pitted Netflix against Sword and Wall, since both productions are important to the platform and decide who gets to score first, if one is created Shonda Rhimes or that Peter MorganIt’s a tough decision to make.

But everything seems to indicate that the streaming giant will have to choose between the two stories, the first with the earliest date for its season premiere. After clarifying this point, the heavy work of imaging will begin, in which a large number of people are participating and under strict biosafety protocols to prevent Covid-19 infection.

This is the main reason for the conflict, because if the epidemic did not exist, this chain might have sites at the same time, only at different times.

Regarding the issue, a strong confidant of Netflix commented to the newspaper the sun that “considering that these two series have similar scenarios, all that’s left is for them to walk into each other’s terrain. It’s up to the production companies when they’re filming. But Netflix has to fix it because the last thing it needs is more delay.”

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