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One, the boss is either incredibly ignorant and easily manipulated, or his hatred grows deeper and more open. In any case, five consecutive days of attacks against the National Autonomous University of Mexico, many of them at different times, do not open up other avenues of interpretation. This Wednesday, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador continued his attack on UNAM, whose faculty is political science, but can no longer hide his grievances against it for reasons no one has yet understood, both inside and outside the institution.

There is much speculation. Warn him to return to the lessons face to face despite the pressure of the President? Your disagreements with the director of Conacyt, Elena lvarez-Buylla, due to persecution of scientists? By appointing his predecessor, Enrique Cabrero, a persecuted scholar, as a member of the UNAM Board of Directors?

López Obrador has lied in his attacks on the UN mission, creating a negative atmosphere for public opinion of the institution. Yesterday he said that the president of the university, Enrique Ghraoui, got 200,000 pesos, which is wrong. He had previously inquired about the salaries of subject teachers, although it is not UNAM, but the Ministry of Finance who determines these salaries. He said he did not raise his voice against neoliberal governments, another fallacy: a group of economists led by Rolando Cordera, some of whom had served in the Communist Party and many educated at the ECLAC School, faced successive finance ministers and governors. From the Bank of Mexico to support an alternative economic model to the model they were implementing.

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Several years after a period that López Obrador had criticized as the UNAM’s alleged submission to neoliberalism, his prominent collaborators were officials in the establishment. Juan Ramón de la Fuente, the current representative of Mexico to the United Nations, was rector of the university from 2000-2008, and the candidate whom the president named his successor in 2024, Claudia Sheinbaum, was an investigator until she joined his government in Mexico City. Rosora Ruiz, Minister of Education in the Metropolitan Government, was Director of the Faculty of Science from 2010 to 2017. Maria Elvira Conchero was a researcher at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Sciences and Humanities, until she was appointed Treasurer of the Federation last year. Irma Erendira Sandoval, his first secretary for public office, had an observatory within the Institute for Social Investigation, where they study corruption cases.

The President gave an example of an oath in UNAM who wanted to start collecting fees from students. This happened during the parsonage of Francisco Bernays, when the university council agreed to increase the registration fee for the semester from 20 cents to 680 pesos for undergraduates and 510 for the baccalaureate. Previously, the university’s president, Jorge Carpizo, suggested a review of the registration fee in 1987, but UNAM went on strike for about a month and that was forgotten. University President Jose Sarukh Khan wanted to update fees and services in 1994, but he didn’t even come up with a formal proposal. Barnes successfully negotiated, but sparked a year-long strike. Currently, the registration fee is still 20 cents. In other words, UNAM is practically free.

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There are many inaccuracies launched by the President against the UN mission, although in recent days he has improved his attacks. He shortened it completely to indicate that this right-wing process took place in the social sciences, where it fits into the faculties of law, economics, and social sciences, but he lied that there are no subjects in agricultural, labor or constitutional law.

On Tuesday, he misspoke – he said “hamburger” instead, one might assume, philanthropist – and added on Wednesday that some had become ideologues of neoliberalism, particularly during Carlos Salinas’ government. During that period, for sure, there was a group of intellectuals within the magazine nexus who were very close to the former president, but were not formed as a compact group to defend a project. employment nexus They were, for example, two very close to Lopez Obrador, who is now dead, and Carlos Monsevas, who inherited the monads from Today – his current political advisors – and his chief of publicity, Jose Maria Pérez Guy, one of the greatest thinkers of the last 50 years, and his wife is the ambassador to Argentina.

When he talks about these intellectuals, does Lopez Obrador think of a director and founder nexusHector Aguilar Kamen? It is true that he was very close to Salinas, but that is nothing compared to what was used by many of his closest aides the former president, such as the director of the Federal Electricity Authority, Manuel Bartlett, who admitted on Tuesday that he threw the electoral reckoning system in the 1988 presidential election. Or is he Behind it all a vengeful thirst for the adviser to the head of the National Electoral Institute Lorenzo Cordova, who headed the Institute for Legal Investigations, where he had severe criticism?

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Only López Obrador can explain his campaign against the UN mission and his ulterior motives. There is reason implied in his first statements to interfere with the university’s autonomy and bring about changes. Is that other front able to open up? Absolutely. And there may be a beginning to everything we will see. Lopez Obrador, the professional agitator, fired the provocation and they listened to him.

Imanol Urdureka, one of the leaders of the 1986 university movement, and one of the political chiefs of Sheinbaum at that time and today, was chosen as the Director-General of the Institutional Evaluation of UNAM, yesterday in Today The idea that many prominent members of Morena and close to the President have long sought, for a change – a verb the President has already used – in UNAM, for the process of internal democratization. Messages have already been opened. The attack will not stop.

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