“The Chinese brought in Covid and now they will leave us without dinner at Christmas”

The Alcoholic drinks They have always been in great demand in Spain, especially the most famous ones, such as whiskey, gin, rum and vodka. Despite this, our country could soon suffer a major drought in all of these drinks, as has been announced in recent days.

Then, ‘Everything is a lie‘Treat this issue with testimony by Daniel Postico, reporter Mediaset In the UK, who after going to the first person reported that in supermarkets “there are no problems day by day, but at Christmas sales of frozen products increased”.

Resto Megidi


At that time, Postico himself issued a warning to residents Spain: “This could be the future. Beware that we find this deficiency at Christmas.” “The English problem is different, it’s Brexit. Spanish truck drivers can’t get in… The situation is too complicated. Those who voted will be upset with the politicians who persuaded them to go for Brexit.” replied Celia Villalobos, collaborator in space.

Adding, “Now, what I told you we have a problem with the Chinese. They brought Covid and now they leave us without dinner at Christmas. Of course, I am very fond of them. “You’ll see, the one you just rolled over. Now we will have the Chinese Embassy sending us a message,” the announcer replied after hearing what his partner had to say.

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