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Wimbledon officials announced Monday that they are appealing a $1 million fine imposed by the WTA circuit to bar Russian and Belarusian players from participating in this year’s tournament.

Following the policy of the British government, the all england London imposed the ban in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Wimbledon chief executive Sally Bolton has confirmed she will appeal the fine.

“It’s a matter of legal process, so I can’t comment specifically, but what I will say is that we stand by the decision we made,” Bolton said, adding, “We’ve already appealed.”

According to the newspaper daily Mailand the Lawn Tennis Association, which runs the sport in the UK, were fined $750,000 and all england in the amount of $250,000.

Russian and Belarusian tennis players were also banned from participating in the preparatory tournaments for Wimbledon, Eastbourne, Nottingham and Birmingham.

“We thought a lot about our decision,” Bolton said. It was hard and complicated and we thought about the consequences. But it was the right decision for us.

Players from Russia and Belarus can participate in all other tennis tournaments, but not under their national flag.

The ATP and WTA both responded to the Wimbledon ban by removing ranking points from Big smash hits British on the lawn.

The ban has banned players such as world number one Daniil Medvedev and two-time major winner Victoria Azarenka from this year’s Wimbledon. (Dr)

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