International specialists inaugurate the first session “Science in Dialogue Cordoba”

The Ministry of Production, Science and Technological Innovation of Cordoba announced the start of the “Science in Cordoba Dialogue” course. These are meetings whose main goal is to present the latest developments, discoveries and discussions in science and technology in specific thematic areas, directly to the community of Córdoba.

The first event will be next Thursday, May 16 at 6pm at the Evita Museum in the Ferreira Palace in Córdoba. Entry is free with limited space registration.

Changes coming

This initiative is managed by the Science and Technology Dissemination Directorate of the Ministry’s Science and Technology Secretariat. The organization is accompanied by the Córdoba Culture Agency and Conicet Córdoba.

The first meeting will feature a “Let’s Talk About Artificial Intelligence” table consisting of speakers specialized in the topic, with a focus on communication, philosophy, and technology. At the same time, the audience will also be able to share their ideas or ask questions to the guest speakers.

The activity is free and free with space. To register for a science course at Diálogo Córdoba, those interested must fill out the data These recipes.

Key specialists

The list of speakers at the first meeting includes national and international experts. Their names are the following:

Ekaitz Cancilla Rodriguez: Basque journalist and writer, researcher into the repercussions of the digital age and the transformations of capitalism. Graduated in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, with studies in Philosophy of History. He is currently an editor at content curation platform The Syllabus and part of the Center for Advancing Infrastructure Imagination (CAII).

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The lecture will be this Thursday.  (Courtesy AiphaG)
The lecture will be this Thursday. (Courtesy AiphaG)

Javier Blanco: Director of the Master’s Degree in Technology, Policy and Culture at the National University of Cordoba (UNC). He specializes in philosophy, computing, information philosophy and philosophy of technology.

Dario Sandroni: Professor and Doctorate in Philosophy from the National University of Cordoba (UNC). He currently serves as Deputy Director of the Faculty of Philosophy – FFyH – UNC. Author of books such as “Selva Artificial” and “Monday to Friday, Things”. Member of Dédalus, columnist for print and radio media about technology and culture.

Laura Alonso Alemany: PhD in Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences, Professor and Researcher in Computer Science – FAMAF-UNC. Member of the Artificial Intelligence Ethics Team at Vía Libre and La Liga del Bien. He participates in numerous artificial and scientific intelligence projects and their transfer to the productive social sector.

Information about the activity

“Science in Cordoba Dialogue” is dedicated to disseminating current knowledge, sharing cutting-edge knowledge in the scientific and technological fields, as well as the experiences of experts in this field and the community itself interested in these topics. In addition, it promotes dialogue between the science-technological system and society, generating spaces for exchange through talks, workshops and conferences, through the well-known form of science cafés.

This program will offer different courses, between May and November, referring to current topics in science and technology, targeting in particular young people and adults in the Córdoba community. It seeks to promote the dissemination of current scientific and technological knowledge, facilitate dialogue between experts and society, as well as stimulate interest and active participation in these topics. The goal is to foster conversations about problems that matter to us, and to foster mutual understanding and understanding that is critical and informed by scientific information.

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