This is how Una Chaplin changed Talisa Major in Game of Thrones

One of the most difficult and shocking scenes for my viewers Game of thrones That was at the end of season three with “Red Wedding”. In this chapter, Talisa Maegyr, the character played by Una Chaplin, almost married Robb Stark after a long road for three seasons. However, Lord Walder and Frieze’s betrayal of the King in the North, Robb Stark, ends with a bloody scene in which all who attended the wedding die.

36-year-old actress Una Chaplin who played Talisa Maegyr in the series Game of thronesSpanish actress, daughter of Geraldine Chaplin and granddaughter of Charles Chaplin. But not only did he act in this series, he had a small role in it SherlockAnd also participated in this series taboo hour With Tom Hardy, among other film, television and theater projects he’s been putting together after appearing in it Game of thrones.

Una Chaplin

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Oona Castilla Chaplin, that’s her full name, carries in her genes the DNA of one of the greatest comedians and filmmakers of the 20th century, Charles Chaplin. The actress was born in Madrid and belongs to an inquisitive family that has been closely associated with the world of cinema for decades. On the one hand, Una is the daughter of Geraldine Chaplin, granddaughter of Charles Chaplin and Una O’Neill, and granddaughter of Eugene O’Neill.

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On the other hand, her father, Patricio Castilla, husband of Geraldine Chaplin, is a Chilean cinematographer who was also involved and had a great influence on the politics of Chile and Cuba. Due to the peculiarities of her family, the actress did not stop when she was young and spent a large part of her childhood between Spain, England, Scotland, Switzerland and Cuba. So he speaks three languages. Una speaks Spanish, English and French perfectly.

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Una Chaplin

Una Chaplin

third parties

From a young age, Una Chaplin became interested in dancing and began to devote herself to ballet, salsa and flamenco. However, at the age of fifteen, he decided to start studying acting at Gordonston School in Scotland. During those years, he participated in many plays produced by the school and toured the United Kingdom with adaptation Romeo and Juliet. He also imitated Charles Chaplin as Bottom in an adaptation Summer night dream.

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After graduating from Gordonston University, the actress was accepted into the Royal School of Dramatic Art in London, eventually graduating in 2007. At that time, she began working on projects in the UK and Spain, such as El Gordo: A true storya Spanish television movie released on March 28, 2010, based on the Lavigueur family, a family that won a prize of more than seven million euros in playing the lottery.

Una Chaplin with 'El Gordo' in 2010

Una Chaplin with ‘El Gordo’ in 2010

third parties

Her role as Talisa Maegyr, is a big step for the actress

Without a doubt, her most famous role was Talisa Maegyr in Game of thrones. Although before that she played the girlfriend of Dr. Watson in Sherlock She also appeared as the wife of protagonist Hector Madden in the BBC series hour. Thanks to the popular series, the actress achieved world fame during 2012 and 2013.

After her time in the hit series, the actress continued to act. Oona Chaplin played Kitty Trevelyan, the protagonist of the series scarlet field on BBC. He was also part of the movie team The longest journey She played Zipla Geary in the short series MuharramStarring Tom Hardy.

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Una Chaplin is also in the cast

Una Chaplin with Tom Hardy in “Taboo”


In Spain, the actress acted in such films as ¿What is a bear?, Tierra Fermi also purgatory, the film directed by Pau Teixidor in which Chaplin plays a young woman who agrees to take care of Daniel, the son of a neighbor. But, as the night progresses, and no one comes to pick up the boy, his behavior becomes increasingly unsettled and violent, and he insists that there is another boy hiding in the house, and no one else sees him. Looking into the future, the actress will appear in sequels symbol picturethe famous feature film directed by James Cameron.

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