A man accused of cutting down a famous tree in the UK has pleaded not guilty

A man accused of cutting down Sycamore Gap, one of the UK’s most famous trees located near Hadrian’s Wall, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday in the case that has shocked the country.

This isolated maple tree, nestled between two hills in the picturesque landscape of Northumbrim (north), was featured in the 1991 film “Robin des Bois: Prince of Thieves” directed by Kevin Costner.

It is frequently photographed, and was chosen “Tree of the Year” in 2016.

At the end of September 2023, walkers discovered it lying down with its roots visible. An act of “vandalism,” according to police, which sparked sadness and shock.

Daniel Graham (38 years old) appeared before Newcastle Magistrates Court on Wednesday with another man, Adam Carruthers (31 years old), who did not comment on the accusations against him.

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Both of them, who came to court with their faces covered, are accused of causing damage worth more than 622 thousand pounds (more than 724 thousand euros) by destroying this tree, which is more than 200 years old.

They were also charged and fined for causing damage to Hadrian’s Wall, built in Roman times to prevent invasions and classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, near the tree.

A month after it was found, authorities cut down the tree and removed it from the site.

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Experts are now trying to find out whether it is possible to germinate or whether new trees can emerge from its seeds.

After the hearing, the defendants were released until the next hearing, on June 12.

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