At Guanajuato they do analysis including financial education at a basic level

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The Citizens Movement’s local deputy, Desire Angel Rocha, presented an initiative to the Guanajuato Congress where Seeks to include good practices in basic education study programmes, Accredited internationally, in financial education.

The legislator noted that the vast majority of decisions made on a daily basis have some repercussions, either directly or indirectly, in personal and/or family finances, which had to be reached at an early age for educational programs. That includes aspects of financial education.

He added that the importance of such education had a great impact, and as an example different public policies were promoted in different countries so that citizens could have access to strong and high-quality financial education, citing some success stories such as: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

“As can be appreciated, many of the world’s most important economies have strengthened public policies so that children and young people have access to financial education programs so that those studying today can develop sustainable and successful institutions tomorrow with the tools they can gain from the first years of their lives,” he said. .

Angel Rocha noted that according to World Bank data, financial inclusion enables natural and legal persons to have access to various products that will be useful and affordable to meet their needs and which will be used to have responsible financial habits.

He stressed that “it is necessary to integrate a comprehensive approach into the financial education of students of our state, so that in the future they will have the tools to obtain healthy financial resources, both on a personal level and in a business environment.”

Finally, the representative raised the possibility that the initiative would allow the possibility of entering into agreements with public or private institutions, in order to contribute to the development of skills in financial education.

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The initiative was handed over to the Education, Science, Technology, and Culture Committee for consideration and opinion, for subsequent submission to the plenary session of Congress.


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