Princess Charlene of Monaco is re-emerging in public after months of speculation about her health

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The Princess Charlene De Monaco is back in public after not doing so for six months. He did so this afternoon during the Formula E World Championship race in Monaco. She appeared with her husband Prince Albert and with their twin children Gabriella and 7-year-old Jack.

The princess had been away from royal activities for 14 months, although she made her first appearance in the week of Easter when she returned to Monaco after entering a clinic in Europe due to severe exhaustion.

The former South African Olympic medalist visited her country last May. But her visit, originally scheduled for 10 days, was delayed by 6 months when she had to be admitted to hospital due to previous nose, throat and ear complications that prevented her from flying..

After recovering from several surgeries and complications, he returned to Monaco in November, but left again due to problems caused by stress.

However, his appearance at the race, where he even handed out one of the awards, settled speculation about new health complications. Although he did not go to the memorial in honor of Prince Philip in the UK, which Prince Albert attended, he did eventually appear in public.

With her short hair and glossy appearance, she seemed to be recovering.

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