Arturo Zuniga: If there was a minister from Paris in the UK, Ben Brereton would have already been in Chile

Arturo Zuniga, Former Undersecretary healthcare networks and current traditional ingredient From Vamos from Chile He got into the controversy caused by English football clubs and his intention not to give up players, and make a strange comparison.

If Enrique Paris had been in the UK, Ben Brereton would have already been in Chile with La Roja, ready to sing the national anthem.The former government official indicated in his personal account on Twitter as part of the campaign #FreeBen.

Zúñiga also supported the questionable assertion by numbers: “814,449 cases in the last 28 days in the UK and 23,684 in Chile. 62% of the population with full vaccination scheme in the UK and 70% in Chile.”

This Wednesday, clubs championship Folded for those of the premier whoAnd they decided not to give up their players on the date set by FIFA Due to the fact that, by the decision of the British Government, upon their return, they must comply with a 10-day quarantine.

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