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Lima, August 24. – Silent since her electoral defeat, opposition Keiko Fujimori has openly joined the right-wing campaign against Pedro Castillo, who plans to deal a fatal blow to the president by rejecting his government on Thursday.

Although other variables are dealt with in Congress, such as the president’s “vacancy” decree which could mean a coup, a more urgent maneuver could be Parliament’s refusal to approve the ministerial team that Castillo proposed during the vote, on this day.

To the propaganda and manipulation against a group of such ministers headed by Prime Minister-designate Guido Peledo, Fujimori added the head of the Labor Party, Iber Maravi, who was called by the right-wing leader to replace him immediately.

According to PL, Bellido downplayed Fujimori’s request and invited her by Maravi to resolve her issues with the justice system, where there are corruption charges against Keiko and open and pending cases.

As before with former Foreign Minister Hector Bigard, who requested his resignation and was the first victim of the maneuver, Fujimori attempts to link Maravi with the disbanded armed group Sendero Luminoso, an accusation that proves to be the ploy most used by the Right to question and delegitimize the proposed ministers.

According to Fujimori, the president must replace incumbents rejected by the opposition if he wants to support a congressional vote of confidence, PL newspaper reported.

However, Castillo rejected this right-wing demand the day before, declaring during a visit to the Amazon town of Poros that the country came first and that he believed in the cabinet. He said, according to the same source, “other than who it is (the cabinet) has all the momentum and all the strength and all our support to continue working.”

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Castillo noted that he is empowered by the people to decide when he can make possible changes, “Let’s see who stays and who goes… But at the moment, none of that has crossed our minds,” he declared.

Hours ago, he announced that the Cabinet would comply to go to the plenum of the Congress of the Republic to hear him and wait for the lawmakers’ decision, whether or not they give confidence.

But, according to the office, the new refusal of the government would constitutionally authorize the head of state to dissolve parliament and call new legislative elections.

In a conversation with Jorge Montoya, spokesman for the right-wing Popular Renewal Party, Guido Peledo stated that “there is no possibility that the political parties that lost the elections will decide the future of the country.”

The Secretary-General and founder of the Peruvian Liber government party, Vladimir Ceron, called via a message posted on the social networking site Twitter, on Monday, a rally on Thursday, the day of voting in Parliament, against what he called the ongoing vandalism. To dismantle the cabinet proposed by Castillo.

Ceron called on party bases to move towards San Martin Square, in support of Peledo’s cabinet and against the presidential vacancy that Castillo intends to introduce, and what he called the imposition of a “new roadmap”. .

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