Artistic gymnastics: Olympic champion Sunisa Lee Pepper Rush in a racist attack

Sunisa Lee, the Olympic champion of the full artistic gymnastics competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, revealed this a few weeks ago I was subjected to a racist attack in Los Angeles.

In an interview with sugar popShe told me how she and many of her friends are of Asian descent Pepper spraying while walking down a Los Angeles street. Lee was there because he is currently participating in the TV dance competition “Dancing with the Stars”.

He told me that when they left a party they called an Uber to pick them up. While they were waiting, a car pulled up next to them and its passengers began to hurl racial insults at them. “They told us to go home,” he tells me. Plus, they sprayed Lee’s arm with pepper spray before quickly turning away.

“I was very angry, but I couldn’t do anything because they left. It was a very difficult time, because I didn’t want to do anything that would get me in troubleI lamented the gymnast. Her mother, Yeev Thoj lleg de nia a Estados Unidos, Laos proceedings. With roots in the Hmong, the nomadic peoples of South Asia, Thuj was a single mother. She met John Lee when Sunisa was two years old and since then the two have been promoted to Olympic champion together.

In April, the American Olympic karate fighter Sakura Kokumai is an American of Japanese descentShe also revealed that she was contacted while training in a California park. The man, who allegedly directed racial insults at her, was arrested for threatening her.

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