La Jornada – SG: INE, with sufficient funds; Counseling is not in danger

The Minister of the Interior, Adan Augusto Lopez, said that a cut of 5 billion pesos from the National Elections Institute budget for 2022 does not jeopardize the practice of de-authorization.

At the morning conference of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, held in the city of Colima, the official confirmed that the organization had the confidence to “invest” in this exercise.

For his part, the president reiterated to the federal judiciary the call to act on everything “quickly and quickly because third parties are hurt.”

Presenting the case of a highway unconstructed in this entity due to a court order, he noted that judges are acting on an agenda without regard for the public interest. And “When it comes to defending special interests, an ordinance or law is published, and the suspension is already in place; so it happened to us with Electric!”

When asked about his opinion on the lowering of the National Institute of Statistics budget by the House of Representatives, the President gave the floor to the Head of the Interior, who reflected the position of the federal government: “In fact, there was a reduction of about 5 billion pesos as requested by the National Institute of Statistics in the expenditure budget for next year.

They asked for 25 thousand and many millions of pesos; In the vote overall (on Wednesday) nearly $19 billion were approved, and what they now claim is that this was the money they were going to use to practice de-commissioning and end paying for the Conservative elections. in six states. The House of Representatives indicates that the Institute owns this money and that it is in some trusts and some trusts.”

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Wouldn’t the query be at risk for these arguments?

– We consider that the practice of counseling is not in danger, and, according to the opinion voted in San Lazaro, the Electoral Institute has trust funds to invest in the practice of de-authorization.

Earlier, López Obrador referred to the amparo granted to two ejidos through which the Manzanillo-Guadalajara highway crosses, and which because of its effect keeps the construction of the last part of this highway at a standstill: “It is important to address these issues because, without leaving to guarantee the right to Protection means protection and going to justice, and we hope that judges act on these cases quickly, and that the processes and decisions do not take long.

“Before, because this was not known, it was not known why; imagine that the carrier or the driver who has to wait there for 20 minutes, half an hour, does not know that it is because of protection, and that it is already in the second case, but it takes a year and it is not done Solve it In these cases, the judicial authorities must act quickly and promptly in everything, because third parties are harmed.

“This is happening to us in other parts of the country where business is at a standstill because judges are acting on an agenda and the public interest is not taken into account. When it comes to defending private interests, a decree or law is published, and the judge has already agreed to comment, amparo. It’s all about fairness. Rulers move fast; he emphasized that when it comes to justice for the people or for the common good, it is very slow.

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