Army kills a Guatemalan on the southern border; “There was a wrong reaction”: Sedena

A Mexican soldier killed a Guatemalan at the Chiapas border crossing in the municipality of Mazaba de Madero.

The Guatemalan government condemned the killing of the man it described as Elvin Mazariegos Perez.

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The local police reports indicated that the 30-year-old victim pointed a pistol at the army, but this was not the case.

The Minister of National Defense, Luis Crescencio Sandoval, considered that there was a “wrong reaction” from the military who fired at the car because the men in uniform were not attacked at any time.

He explained that the three Guatemalan civilians were traveling in a vehicle and when they noticed the military checkpoint in a border area in Chiapas, they backed off, prompting a response from the army.

One of our officers fired some shots, wounding one of the civilians who was in that car. There were three people who were in that car, and the wounded are being taken care of by our staff and unfortunately he lost his life, “he said.

After the shooting, residents detained 15 soldiers in La Speranza, in the Guatemalan municipality of Tacana. The result of negotiations with the authorities of the two countries, on Monday evening, was the release of nine and the remaining six at dawn today, Tuesday.

Sandoval explained that “an economic compensation agreement has been reached, and as the residents’ demand was, legal measures are being taken against the person responsible.”

The event comes after the death of Victoria Esperanza Salazar, a Salvadoran woman, in Tulum, Quintana Roo, after being subdued by four policemen.

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