Fake news spread widely: Rover Perseverance ran into and the only life form on Mars was killed

The Perseverance in the rover It gained notoriety in recent weeks after arriving on planet Earth Mars And the launch of the first images towards the ground. This Monday, and NASA We shared a picture of the spacecraft where you can see the terrain lined with stones and mountains.

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However, many social media users shared false news about Determination, Which claimed that the car had run over extraterrestrial life.

The note in question was posted by the site.Today’s worldIt is a site that specializes in publishing news jokes or sarcasm in various current affairs.

The portal stated in its memo that NASA I recently reported the discovery of life on the Red Planet, “but also its recent extinction,” because of the spacecraft Determination It was alleged that he ascended and killed the only living being in it Mars.

A presumed scientist reported that the planet’s life “is screaming and bleeding a lot” and that it is already extinct, according to mission director Diana Trujillo.

In the joking post, the director indicated that it would be impossible to collect samples of the strange life form in Mars, Since the “sticky mass” of existence is watered by the surface of Mars, because the extraterrestrial entity has crossed itself in a passage Rover. In addition, the car left the area without calling for help.

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The portal indicated that it was supposed to be a file NASA It did not confirm whether this was a war attack or not, but in this case the agency ended the war between Earth and the Red Planet.

It should be noted that “Today’s worldIts website states that it was founded in 1876 as a newspaper that has only been published on the Internet at present since 2009. It adds that it has won numerous awards for humor and continues to digital journalism.

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