Jason Momoa is at the mercy of Jimmy Fallon in a funny video

It’s been nearly three years since the last time Jason Momoa He was as a guest on a show Jimmy Fallon, Where they starred in a fun moment that the famous presenter recalled. Through his social networks, he shared the funny clip in the middle of the “water war” that has captivated everyone.

Jason, since I played the character Aquaman I want to challenge you in the water war. We’ll play cards, but if you lose the round, you’ll have a glass of water in your face, okay? “Jimmy explained right before starting. Then the 41-year-old seemed to lose by three rounds in a row, but everything changed quickly.

The game was simple: each threw a card on the board indicating who won. Initially giving up on luck Jason Momoa: “The first to throw 5 cups of water at their opponent is the winner and will use the water cannons on the loser,” Jimmy Fallon continued, showing the audience a powerful water pistol for the final part of the challenge that left him completely wet.

As has happened to many productions in Hollywood, the filming of “Aquaman 2” was delayed, but this year everything indicates that the actors will be ready to return to the set in June. New reports from the specialist press continue to support the idea of ​​Emilia Clarke returning to the screens Jason MomoaThis time, Princess Mira is impersonating Amber Heard.

Production teamAquaman 2“He has taken every precaution so that he can talk about resuming filming in the midst of the second wave of infection and the imminent danger to everyone. The newspapers specializing in superhero cinema have indicated that the film will likely start filming next June in the UK.

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