Jorge Catarecha has been awarded a scholarship by “la Caixa” to study for a master’s degree in London

Jorge Catarica Otero Saavedra, born in Ceuta, was one of hundreds of students awarded scholarships by the La Caixa Foundation to pursue higher studies abroad, in his case a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics at Imperial College London.

Graduated in Mathematics and Physics from Seville University“passionate” about scientific research has collaborated on nonlinear physics projects, and designed accurate mathematical models COVID-19 pandemicand about the use of neutrons produced in a nuclear reactor to measure the diffusion property of liquids.

The King and Queen of Spain preside over the awarding of scholarships to the XLI edition of the Entity Program “to enhance the talents of outstanding students by extending their training in some of the best universities in the world.”

The event, which was held at the CaixaForum Madrid, was also attended by the First Vice-President of the Government and Minister economic affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calvino; Universities Minister Joanne Sobierates. and Vice President of La Caixa Foundation, Juan José López Bornol.

Catarecha in London is working on how mathematical techniques can be applied in areas such as finance, machine learning, data science and reinforcement learning, with a large computational component. When it comes to programming languages, he has advanced knowledge of MATLAB and Python, and basic experience with SQL and Haskell. To complete his studies, he is completing his master’s thesis on deep neural networks for real-time route planning.

On behalf of the group of scholarship holders, Professor of Biomedical Sciences and Researcher in the Materials Engineering Group (GEMAT) of the Chemical Institute of Sarrià (Barcelona), Núria Oliva, affirmed that “none of all that I have achieved in my scientific career would have been that possible without these scholarships and therefore, as a former scholarship recipient and a new scholarship recipient, I encourage you to enjoy and take advantage of this great opportunity.”

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The 100 scholarships awarded are distributed over four continents: 58 scholarships to study in Europe; 40 scholarships to study in North America; One scholarship to study in Asia and the other to study in Oceania. The countries that attract the most scholarship holders are the United States (35) and the United Kingdom (34).

978 applications have been submitted for this edition of the “la Caixa” Foundation Postgraduate Scholarships Abroad. From its inception, in 1982, until the 2022 convocation, the entity has allocated a cumulative investment of nearly 200 million euros to train 3,784 students abroad.

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