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Mumbai: French luxury collection Chanel the name of the thing Lina NairHuman Resources Manager (HRD) from Unilever, as a global CEO. This makes Nair, who was born and raised in Kolhapur, the second Indian-origin woman to become a global CEO thereafter. Indra Nooyi (PepsiCo).
By the way, Nooyi turned out to be Nair’s mentor. The appointment of Nair is not only a huge step forward for aspiring women leaders, it is also a huge boost to the HR function, to bring HR advocates to the forefront of leadership applications.
A statement from Chanel said Alain Wertheimer (Owner) will become Global CEO and Nir, 52, will take on the role of Global CEO and is based in London, UK. He added that the new partnership “will ensure more long-term success as a private company that believes in freedom of creativity, develops human energies and works to make a positive impact on the world.”
Chanel, valued at $10 billion, competes with global luxury companies such as LVMH (Louis Vuitton), worth $50 billion, Hermes, Gucci, L’Oreal, Michael Kors, and others.
“I am touched and honored to delegate the position of Global CEO to Chanel, an iconic and admired company. I am inspired by what Chanel stands for. “It is a company that believes in the freedom to create, develop human capabilities and take steps to make a positive impact in the world,” Nair said in a LinkedIn post.

“I am grateful for my long career at Unilever, a place that has been my home for 30 years. It has provided me with many opportunities to learn, grow and contribute to a truly purposeful organization. I will always be a proud supporter of Unilever and its ambition to underestimate the importance of a sustainable lifestyle.”
In a statement announcing Nair’s decision to leave the company in January 2022, Alan Job, Unilever CEO, said: “Lena has been a pioneer throughout her career at Unilever, but no more so than in her career. The role of CHRO, where she has been a powerhouse driver, is on the equality agenda. And our diversity and inclusion, and about transforming our leadership development and preparing for the future of work. He has played a vital role in building our forward-thinking organization, which is now the employer of choice in more than 50 countries around the world. I am especially grateful for your leadership over the past two years and the way you have helped Our HR teams have helped Unilever overcome many of the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic with great care, empathy and professionalism.”
Under Nair’s supervision, Unilever moved the needle to achieve Gender Balanced Workforce.
While it’s rare to find a chief HR executive taking over as CEO, advertising opens such avenues for HR leaders, given the rapid changes taking place in the wake of the pandemic. People management and therefore human resources are now at the heart of organizations. HR leaders, by the nature of their work, embody some of the emerging traits that are in demand in today’s CEO, with empathy being the main trait gaining ground.
XLRI Jamshedpur Gold Medal, Nair is a reputed HR leader worldwide. In a recent LinkedIn post, Nair said, “I always tell HR to walk with confidence… HR is no longer a behind-the-scenes service, but an essential part of running any business. If you want to support your employees, you need to Understand how the company operates and you should be visible within the company. »
Commenting on her appointment, Keki Dadiseth, who was president of Hindustan Unilever when Nair was a rising star, told TOI: “She has always been very capable, very ambitious, and most importantly, she has done even better with increased responsibility. You fully deserve your success.
In previous interactions with TOI, Nair has mentioned how he has proactively reached out to his managers and former leaders like Dadiseth for career advice. It emphasizes this quality as one of the reasons for its success.
Nair, who had studied at Holy Cross Convent School in Kolhapur and held the position of Electronics and Communications Engineer at Walchand College of Engineering in Sangli, decided to continue his studies in Human Resources, much to the dismay of his father (the maker of Kolhapur). It was a major turning point for Nair, who decided to follow his heart. After joining HUL as a management trainee in 1992, Nair held various positions in HUL’s factories, sales and headquarters. She made several changes and rose through the ranks until she became the Executive Director of Human Resources. In 2016, she became Unilever’s first woman, as well as the youngest and youngest Asian CHRO and a member of Unilever’s Leadership Executive, where she was responsible for the company’s 150,000 employees in more than 100 countries around the world.
Nair’s career path offers insight into the importance of doing what we are passionate about. He often says his goal is to “ignite the human spark to build a better company and a better world.” This year, Nair was also on Fortune India’s list of Most Powerful Women.
Yoke breaks down various stereotypes not only when it comes to sexuality, but also leadership traits. While the world primarily views and prefers the command and control type of rulers, Nair, on the other hand, speaks of traits such as humility and empathy. He even said recently that leaders will not weaken if they reveal their weak side or admit they made mistakes.
Nair is also a non-executive member of BT plc, a board member of the Leverhulme Trust, and a non-executive director of the UK’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.
Nair is married with two children and his interests include reading, running and Bollywood dancing.

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