Santa Claus comes to Alexa for Christmas

As a sign of the Christmas holiday that is about to begin, despite the health conditions that still haunt us, From Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, they just integrated the Santa Claus voice option, following the incorporation of the voices of various celebrities and personalities into its service as an alternative to the default voice.

Users will be able to activate Santa Claus’s voice for free as another skill, where they simply have to dictate the following voice command: «Alexa, enable” Hey Santa “. At the moment, this skill is not available globally, simply in the US and UK, Support for the English language at the moment in some of its different variants.

It is also not compatible with all Amazon devices, indicating on the web that this capability cannot be used in first-generation Echo and Echo Dot devices, in wearable devices, nor in Fire TV and Fire tablets “at this time”.

Regarding the other mentioned, there is hope that this ability could be extended to more devices, and even become international over time, but for now this is more of a wish than a reality.

Meeting the requirements to be able to take advantage of the ability of Santa Claus, the interaction possibilities are very wide, in addition to the traditional requests to Alexa, such as turning on the light or programming the thermostat, You can also request songs, stories, jokes, and even ask if you’ll receive gifts or charcoal based on behavior that has been throughout the year.

To Alexa’s weird version of Santa Claus You may also be asked for personal information, such as your favorite food or the condition of the reindeer.

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But to interact with Santa Claus, The protest becomes “Hey Santa.”who will allow Alexa Respond to requests received with the voice of Santa Claus.

As they comment on the edgePreviously, she also had Santa Claus, although there are limited possibilities compared to what she can currently offer.

It’s really a matter of taking the time to have a little fun, though the rest of Alexa users will have to wait for Amazon to work until the skill reaches more places and languages.

more information: Santa and the Amazon

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