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Winston Churchill was without doubt one of the greatest figures of the twentieth century. Politician, statesman, writer, historian and journalist, he played a decisive role during World War II and lifted the spirits of the British and all the threatened nations of Germany.

He was a brilliant man, with a bright sense of humor, strong rhetoric, and an undeniable clairvoyance. His famous phrases have gone down in history and have an immortal influence due to their incredible success in facing reality. A few days ago, writer Javier Circas, who was presenting his new novel “Independencia,” strategically located in Barcelona, ​​rescued this quote from Churchill about some Spanish politicians: “The incoming fascists will present themselves as anti-fascists.”

The words of the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who had the Nazis, especially Adolf Hitler, his greatest enemy is proverbial (a famous phrase to him is: “I do not hate anyone but Hitler and this is my career”), but these are glimpses of the deadly fascism at that time that were reflected In the many permanent and experienced dictators, who today are ideologically close to National Socialism but are convinced that they are anti-fascist.

One of the lesser known aspects of Churchill is the writer, despite the fact that he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953. It is certainly one of the most questionable awards in history because it went to the formidable political figure, but the Academy’s recognition of such an award was due to his “mastery” For the historical description and the biography, in addition to his brilliant speech, which defends reverently the human values. “

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Churchill’s speeches, inspiring and decisive, are full of unusual phrases and, of course, with time, aggressive and defiant, but they are also full of wit and the perfect intertwining of words. Referring to the heroes of the air battle in England, he said, “It never happened in the field of human conflict. Many people owe so much to very few.” His predecessor, Neville Chamberlain, was buried politically, like this: “You are offered a choice between shame and war, and you choose to shame, and you will go to war as well.” Or this other one, a complete teaching of life: “In war, decision; in defeat and challenge. In victory, magnanimity. Peace and goodwill.”

In addition to his historical, political and military works and diaries, Churchill wrote several stories, among them the incomparable “Man in the Sea”, a wonderful readable tale in Spanish translated by Javier Marias.

A man of great character, a smoker and a drinker in abundance, he left the legacy of commitment to his country, democracy and freedom, but also in wonderful terms: “Character manifests itself in great moments, but is built in the little ones.”

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