Sports Center | Athletes will be able to vaccinate ahead of Tokyo

Irene LozanoThe president of the Supreme Council for Sports (CSD) confirmed to AS this It would not be a problem for the athletes to go to the Olympic Games immune (July 23 – August 8), and Paralympic Games (August 24 – September 5). A wish expressed by Alejandro Blanco, president of the Spanish Olympic Committee, at the end of the year.

“In October, I already wrote to Minister Salvador Ella asking him to take them into account, respecting the starting criteria for the elderly and the vulnerable. The athletes are a small group (about 300 of them will attend the Olympics) and important because they will be in contact with others from different countries. They will practice international representation for Spain. It is important to take care of them. It is on top of the sewer table and has been considered for parade. I think they will be vaccinated. Although now The International Olympic Committee can provide a Chinese vaccine It is appreciated. Once approved by the European Medicines Agency, it could be another solution, “Lozano says.

There are countries that are already vaccinating their athletes. The case of the United Arab Emirates, Israel (the process will end in May), Hungary and Denmark announced that it will be before July 1, and the Belgian and Greek Olympic committees have requested that from their governments, in the United States vaccination is progressing rapidly …

However, in other countries such as Germany, its national committee has urged athletes to “keep the tail.” The United Kingdom has also made clear that the priority is “groups at risk”.

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The International Olympic Committee will not compel athletes to be vaccinated, although it does recommend it.

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