Another Scaloni set: the surprise participation of DT in the video presentation of Argentina’s World Cup Powerchair roster

Scaloni with Powerchair selection

after futsal support, Lionel Scaloni I was surprised by an initiative with the Argentine chair team. “This is the team that will represent the country in the World Cup″, the video begins with the words of the Bugatto strategist who gave the coach his prestige Sebastian Tesirawho gave the names of those called to participate in the international motorized wheelchair football competition to be held in Australia between October 11th and 22nd.

DT with a shirt powerAnd, with a theatricality similar to the one used by the Scaloneta leader when he presented the Qatar roster, he was naming one by one the players who would take part in the Oceania appointment: Khalil Manzoor, Lisandro Oretti, Agustin Zanoli, Valentino Zegarelli (Team Captain), Heber Lopez, Arturo Rodriguez, Matias Vignola, and Juan Bautista D’Angelo.

about the end, Skaloni He also left a message to the entire campus: “I am sure you will do your best to represent our jersey and our country in the best way as we did in Qatar“.

Tech talk to get ready for the big challenge in Australia

The teams that will participate in Australian World Cup We are France (current world champion), Australia, Denmark, Ireland, England, Uruguay, Japan, USA, Northern Ireland and Argentina. The competition will have an all-against-all format in the preliminary stage and The top four will advance to the semi-finals. In the latest release held in United State in 2017, Argentina (Current South American Champion) finished 7th and will now be aiming for the top 4.

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Football wheelchair It is a mixed sport created for people using a Motorized wheelchair for everyday life. For the most part, players own it love me (spinal muscular atrophy) f Serious spinal cord injuries.

The video, supported by the world champion coach, also served to upgrade the sixth place finish Annual Solidarity Dinner that are organized every year Argentina Energy Corporation which, on this occasion, will be carried out Next Tuesday, April 18th, at 8:00 pm, in La Roral.

The delegation that will participate in the World Cup

The main objective is to raise money to cover expenses for sports equipment, tickets, lodging, food, transfers of the team, coaching staff and personnel of the club power chair. To purchase the cover, you need to send an email to [email protected]

At dinner, as in all previous editions, there will be special guests and auctions for one-of-a-kind experiences. the Powerchair Football Argentina Foundation, which was created 10 years ago, is a non-profit organization that develops the only sport that is adapted for people using motorized wheelchairs in the country. she has 115 athletesIt works to improve the quality of life of its players, enhance their independence and enhance their skills.

Argentina team

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