The NFL has revealed the most popular teams in Mexico

The NFL has announced the international distribution of its teams on Mexican soil (Photo: Kirby Lee/Reuters)

the National Football League (NFL)In his attempt to strengthen the league, he shared how his championship legacy expanded throughout Mexico. Hence, the programInternational Home Marketing District‘, opened its borders so that American football teams could Mexico received the United States.

So, according to the sources ESPN, my boss NFL Make sure that teams like Dallas Cowboys, Los Broncos de Denver, Los Arizona Cardinals; Houston Texans, San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, Pittsburgh Steelers, Las Vegas Raiders, the territory of Mexico is allocated. The above is due to the fact that the biggest fan behind the United States is the Mexican.

the International regional distribution It was not only in Mexico, as well as countries like Canada, Brazil, Spain and England; Australia, China and Germany They appeared in the NFL roster. Which nation came closest in terms of fan distribution and squad was United Kingdom and Germans. Ago The British and the Germans They are the biggest fans behind the Mexican.

The NFL has expanded its territory to the world with teams in its league (Image: Twitter/NFL345)
The NFL has expanded its territory to the world with teams in its league (Image: Twitter/NFL345)

idea ‘Deportation back home’ Football clubs have been established in different countries as a result of prolongation marketing And add fans from the rest of the world. The NFL is one of the most important leagues in terms of international promotion. behind the transmission World Cup, Super Bowl It is the fifth most watched sporting event on the planet. in front of you Olympic Gamessoccer world cup, rugby world cup, real madrid vs barcelona match, UEFA Champions League Final and Super Bowl, depending 888sport.

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On the other side, Arturo OlivaAnd General Manager of the NFL in MexicoHe confirmed in September that Mexican fans are the most important in terms of MLS growth. The commander added that there 48 million fans North American sport.

The NFL is currently the highest-grossing league in popularity in Mexico, according to a study conducted by the league in twelve countries around the world in Mexico. We have over 48 million fans, of which the third part, 16 million, are ardent fans, who are growing year by year and consuming more NFL in the country.”

Mexican NFL fans during a seasonal game at the Azteca Stadium (Photo: Quartoscuro)
Mexican NFL fans during a seasonal game at the Azteca Stadium (Photo: Quartoscuro)

The surprise appeared when New England Patriots They did not appear as a group brought back to Mexico on “T .”.International Home Marketing District“.since they are one of the most popular groups in the country. The above seems to be the result of the departure of Tom Brady From the team heading towards Tampa Bay BuccaneersThe truth is that Germany received this award.

Thus, the most profound difference in the Aztec nation are: Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Las Vegas Raiders, Green Bay Packers Way Los Angeles ChargersAccording to the NFL.

Which was an essential piece to get followers The Dallas Cowboys was Isaac Alarcon. A man of offensive speech was born Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, was present on the Texas Reserve team. player Tech de Monterrey Failed to access Official List From 53 athletes Found in Cowboys List. Duck Prescott commented on this Isaac The biggest oneAnd It was an important part of the training and he added that Treat He is well accepted by his peers due to his sense of humor.

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