Andy Murray surprises his fans with his future plans for golf … or soccer

British Andy Murray He tries to extend his tennis career as long as possible while injuries continue to weigh on him. The latter forced him to surrender Miami Open. An “abnormal” tension in his groin during bed rest at night forced him to stop again and not participate in the North American Championships. At the age of 33, his sports career is nearing an end and he is already thinking about the future.

Murray spoke in Watchman Before your last injury. Discuss what will come to him and what he would like to do in his life once he has to hang the racket. His main hobbies are two: golf and football.

“I really like golf, so being on the back of the box, for example, would be an exciting thing for me,” said the British tennis player to surprise his fans about his off-court future.

Andy Murray, at the 2019 Davis Cup


Murray, who points out Wimbledon To reach the top, he explained his answer: “It would be about being personal and being close to the best golfers, and learning another sport like that. Maybe there is a point in common between the two sports from a mental point of view and other things, so the golfer might help.”

But even more surprising was the other answer he gave: “It would also not be wrong to get a football coach’s license, it would be fun,” said the Glasgow man in an interview with the English newspaper. That way, it wouldn’t be strange to see Murray change his tennis courts in a few years to golf or soccer fields.

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Tennis clubs

He admits he’s always going to take an interest in tennis. He hopes, yes, that tennis in Great Britain will not be seen as something within the reach of very few. Spain and France are thought to be good places to enter tennis clubs, even for retirees.

“They have a lot of that in France and Spain, where people can go and hang out in the tennis club and play a little and have lunch there. It’s not really the case in the UK. And that’s something I hope is a little different,” he said of tennis in his country.

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