Anal rest syndrome, another side effect of COVID-19

Scientists from Tokyo Medical University Hospital documented in the journal

Infectious Diseases BMC
A 77-year-old male patient with mild symptoms covid-19, who presented a neurological condition known as “anal restlessness syndrome“.

According to doctors, this could be one of the forms of “restless legs” syndrome that has already been documented as a side effect of COVID-19After overcoming the disease.

In this sense, it has been documented that although SARS-CoV-2 affects the respiratory system, in some cases it can affect the central nervous system and cause neurological diseases, in addition to those already known as headache, dizziness, myalgia and loss of smell ( loss of sense of smell).

The published case demonstrated that the patient had insomnia and anxiety when he had an active presence of the virus, but after overcoming it, he began to feel deep and turbulent malaise in the anus, which was exacerbated when he was sitting or sleeping.

His condition improved when standing, walking or exercising, but comfort increased again, so he had a colonoscopy, which showed that he had internal hemorrhoids.

Neurological findings, including deep tendon reflex, loss of perineal sensation, and spinal cord injury, revealed no abnormalities. The presence of milia for diabetics, impaired renal function, and iron deficiency status has not been confirmed.

The specialists added in their report.

Notably, it is not yet clear how or how COVID-19 causes neurological symptoms, including Guillain-Barré syndrome, “brain fog” and tingling, among other problems.

Study: COVID-19 can reduce gray matter in our brain

Consequences of the disease

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, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, has not yet occurred

fully established.
Since the beginning of the global pandemic, which was announced in January 2020, the fallout from this virus now indicates that it can affect Gray matter or unclear subordinate brain.

COVID-19 and new discoveries in the brain The conclusion came after a
It was developed by scientists at the University of Oxford (England). The results were published last Sunday by Biobank in the UK.

According to this preliminary investigation COVID-19 It is capable of causing a loss of gray matter from the brain.

The Gray matter or unclear subordinate brain It consists of nerve cells and non-neuronal brain cells (glial cells), which are responsible for processing information that reaches our brain, from the sensory organs.

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