The University of Cordoba, among the top 100 universities in the world for sciences …

The new version of the Shanghai ranking by scientific disciplines places the University of Cordoba among the 100 best universities in the world in the categories of veterinary sciences, which remain in this range, but improve their positions, and agricultural sciences, to which UCO joins the first hundred places in this prestigious classification for the first time. In this edition, the University of Cordoba is adding the specialization of Atmospheric Sciences. With this category, there are eight in which UCO maintains a presence in ARWU (Academic Ranking of World Universities) and holds important positions in relation to the world, Spain and Andalusia.

In the ranking highlights the progress recorded in veterinary sciences, which is located 66th in the previous edition, and this year is improving 15 places, putting it 51. However, improving seven jobs in agricultural sciences is also important, placing it at 96th in the world. Thus, the University of Cordoba places two of its scientific specializations among the top 100 majors in the world.

It should also be noted in this edition of the new appearance of the University of Cordoba in another discipline such as atmospheric sciences. This new entry is located in the 201-300 range worldwide.

In the remaining five disciplines in which UCO resides again, the University of Cordoba is also working to improve positions in ecology and is being preserved and standardized in other scientific fields such as water resources, chemical engineering, environmental sciences, and food science and technology.

The indicators on which this ranking is based should be related to the efforts of the research team at the University of Cordoba to publish and highlight their work in the most prestigious journals collected in the Clarivate Analytics database (influence in the world is normalized and most of the publications mentioned) and international cooperation.

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The University of Córdoba, in various bibliometric studies, has been distinguished for nearly ten years by the efforts of the research staff in placing their publications in high-definition journals in the first quarter, being the first Andalusian university in recent years and one of the first universities at the national level. The quality and efforts of the UCO research team are reflected in rankings such as the Shanghai ranking, despite the fact that this indicator has the disadvantage of being dependent on the size of the universities.

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