Cuba asks US to flee Mexico baseball team

HAVANA: The Cuban baseball team that finished fourth in the third edition of the FIFA U-23 World Cup, which was held in Mexico on Monday, returned to Havana with only half the team members because twelve players defected during the tournament.

Of the 24 baseball players who made up the team, half left Focus, the biggest mass abandonment of a sports team in recent times.

sports bodiesThe hero of Cuba condemned the evasions and blamed the US government.

Representation AnnouncementFirewood posted on the sports portal Jett attributes the defections to “the activity of traffickers who polluted competition venuescentral Intelligence Agency “.

Refers to canceling the agreement that the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) signed with Grand in 2018are Major League Baseball (MLB) and conclude that the procedure closed the doors to the “safe and orderly entry” of island baseball players into that circuit.

The new panorama, according to the authorities Cuban baseball exposes players to “humiliating and discriminatory treatment.”

Despite the difficulties they faced, the many pressures and the hateful play they were centered on, they knew how to raise the flag and fight with fury.”

Cuban Baseball League

The agreement between the FCB and MLB was negotiated for a period of three years and sought to provide a safe route for island players so that they could enter themselves Under contracts in 30 US professional teams, without losing residency in their home country.

That deal that took place during the administration of the American president Barack Obama (2009-2017) was viewed favorably and as a way to end the ongoing mass exodus of young talent from Cuban baseball.

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But after arriving at the White House, The Donald Trump administration (2017-2021) canceled that agreement.

Congratulate the Baseball LeagueOr via his Twitter account for those who returned to the country and thanked him for remaining “loyal.”

“We are proud of the position you have maintained,” he declared, for his sake For his part, the first vice president of the National Institute of Sports (INDER), Raul Fournez.

“Despite the difficulties I faced, the many pressures and manipulations that occurred because of themIn the middle, they knew how to raise the flag and fight with determination.”

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