AMLO does not rule out a visit to Argentina – Noticias en la Mira con Lourdes Mendoza

The President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He did not rule out visiting Argentina after the president’s invitation Albert Fernandez.

In his morning lecture, Lopez Obrador I remembered that you have Scheduled tour of Central America in May, He confirmed that in June he intends to go to Angels To an event attended by US President Joe Biden.

Lopez Obrador Asked Jesus Ramirez CuevasPresidential spokesperson to read the letter sent to him by the President of Argentina in which he highlighted this Beatrice Gutierrez Muller He is a Great Actor.

for the president, Alberto Fernandez I’m having the same problems I’m having in Mexico A greedy minority used to pillage.

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Lopez Obrador, considered that the integration of all America must be sought, ‘Just as there is the European Union’.

He highlighted the American continent’s natural resources, workforce, technological progress and strength in terms of consumer capacity.

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