Albert Serra returns to Cannes to compete this time for the Palme d’Or with Tourment Sur Les les

A week after the announcement of the main program of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, which will be held from May 17-28, The organization of the French competition has been completed, its official selection With several titles, including the Spanish proposal.

finally, There will be a Spanish presence in the official section of the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. This is the latest film by an old acquaintance of the French competition: Albert Serra, who presents “Tourment Sur LesÎles” on the occasion to compete for the Palme d’Or. The other two films now entering the competition are Le Otto Montagne by Charlotte Vandermerch and Felix van Groningen, an Italian-Belgian co-production, and the French film Un Petit Frère by Leonor Serail. Serra will compete for the highest award alongside filmmakers such as the Darden brothers or David Cronenberg, among others.

“Tourment Sur les les”

“Tourment sur les les” is produced by the Spanish production company Andergraun FilmsIn collaboration with the French audience group Idéale, the Portuguese film Rosa Filmes and the German film Tamtam. The film is supported by the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) and the Instituto Català d’Empreses Culturals (ICEC). The film received a total of €272,000 in the 2019 Selective Aid Call conducted by the ICAA.

The stars of ‘Tourment sur les îles’ are Benoît Magimel, Sergi López, Cécile Guilbert, Matahi Pambrun, Marc Susini, Lluís Serrat, Shanna Pahoa, Mike Landscape, Alexandre Melo and Montse Trio.

snapshot in french, with text by Serra himself, was produced by Montse Triola, while rtur Tort is responsible for photography and Jordi Ribas for sound. The assembly was performed by Albert Serra, Artur Tort and Ariadna Ribas.

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Under the initial title of Bora Bora, the film is set on an island in French Polynesia, where the High Commissioner, a man of turbulent nature and great diplomacy, lives between the highest levels of politics and the lower social classes. their fellow citizens. Conflict as a way of life will lead you to make rash decisions against your political situation.

Three years ago, at the last Festival de Cannes that was completely free of restrictions, Albert Serra’s “Liberté” was awarded the Special Jury Prize from Un Certain Regard. Serrá, who has so far been a regular in the secondary divisions in Cannes, was also present in 2017 in specials with ‘La Mort De Louis XIV’, a co-production of Spain, France and Portugal and before that, there were two other Serra titles: ‘Honor de Louis XIV’. Cavaleria, his second film, was shown in Cannes 2006, while in 2008 he will return there to present his third feature film “El Cant dels Ocells”.

In addition to the three titles in competition, the Festival de Cannes adds three French productions to the Cannes premiere program: “Don Juan” by Serge Bouzon, “La Nuit Du 12” by Dominique Malle, and “Chronique D’une Liaison Passagère” by Emmanuel Moret. The midnight shows include the Belgian production “Rebel” by Adel Elaraby and Bilal Falah, Un Certain Regard “Plus Que Jamais” by Emily Atef (Germany and France), “Mediterranean Fever” by Maha El Hajj (Palestine), and Le Bleu Du Caftan by Maryam Touzani ( Morocco) and “The Movement” Lotfi Nathan (Tunisia). Outside the competition, “L’Innocent” directed by Louis Jarrel (France) will be screened.

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It was

Finally, specials include the documentary “My Imaginary Country” by Chilean director Patricio Guzman; – The film “The Vagabonds” by Dorotea Dromeva (Germany); Documentary “Riposte Féministe” by Marie Berenice and Simone Depardon (France); “Restos Do Vento” by Tiago Guedes (Portugal) and the animated film “Le Petit Nicolas Qu’est-Ce Qu’on Attend Pour être Heureux?” Written by Amandine Fridon and Benjamin Massuber (France).

Spain will have more than worthy representation at Cannes 2022, “Tourment sur les les” joins previously announced productions such as Elena Lopez Riera’s first feature film, “El agua”, which will be present at Directors’ Fortnight and two other short films at the 61st Critics’ Week: “Cuerdas”, produced by Estibaliz Urresola and “Nissam je Stigao voljeti” (I Didn’t Make It Love It), a co-production from Bosnia, Spain and the United Kingdom, directed by Ana Fernandez de Paco.

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